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July 2005


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     Jul 22, 2005 - 10:23 pm

    Title: asdf

    great to see some old faces and some new faces... being playing in the tourney, but then when i lost the big cash planet kool_kid took efforts to build it up, i opted for the weak option and self destructed.

    on hindsight, i should have not done tt as i merely lost my stealth and still have my endy and razorback. besides, i wuz just inside the top 10. sigh...

    i no longer have the resolve to withstand failures in AAT. Is it because I am getting bored or that life has marked itself on me that I want to just see the perfect world, not the dark and ugly side of the world.

    This brings me back to my mid year common tests. I nearly gave up when I got pwnzed and owned in my best subject, which I have been the top the year before. During the stupid 2.4 km runs, when I am clocking great passing times in the first 4 laps, I just self destructed and ran 2 disastrous laps and consequently failing. Is tt someone I want to be? Is that the person I used to be?

    Maybe a break will just allow me to reflect upon the weakness I have. This is probably the biggest obstacle I have to face so far. As some wise guy said, your greatest enemy is none other than yourself.

    Taking a break till 0.30. Probably that is when I have found my true, battling self.

     Jul 20, 2005 - 9:20 am

    Title: tourney updates

    just playing normally in the tourney. quite disappointed with the spat bwt a_blitz and big. anyway, killed once by big, but he said that he tot i wuz a_blitz and he sent me 100 bil in compensation. however, i tot it wuz fair game since i wuz away from the comp at tt time and therefore did not touch the money.

    milking money from some planets to get good ships. managed to break into the top 10 (8th now). until kool_kid comes back, i guess i hav to hold the fort for our 2 man team.

     Jul 11, 2005 - 6:40 am

    Title: Tourney

    The tourney is starting and I am teamed up with Kool Kid in the tourney and we are the only 2-player team around. Looks like we need to work harder to make an impact in the tourney.

     Apr 20, 2005 - 2:50 am

    Title: Bah...

    Just resigned from the Draft Tourney cos I misread the schedule for my Common Tests. It ends at 6 May instead of 2nd May. Sigh. Looks like I have to give this Tourney a miss. FYI, the subjects I will be having Common Tests include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Elective Studies (Cisco Networking), Higher Chinese. Luckily I am not taking the GCE O levels this yr, or else I will not even have time to surf AAT.

    Nvm. Eagerly awaiting the release of ver 0.30 I will look forward the oppotunity to spar wif Lucky Starr. The best way to counter a crook is to think like him and act like him. Let's form an alliance where we just all hunt down on Lucky Starr. I do not believe that he can escape our dragnet. Else just create a SG and just burrow in there and not coming out like Kwae Zar. Probably tt's one of my priorities in the new game.

    Waiting for almost 10 months already. PJ!!!

    Wish me luck for my Common Tests.

     Dec 15, 2004 - 6:02 am

    Title: Saving Private Ryan...

    Now, as I am playing on the main server, I derived 3 conclucions:

    1. Playing on an easy server first will make you suffer on the main server.

    2. The main server is not as difficult as it used to be.

    3. Do not think that you are good and try to impose your "tactics" on others and try to teach others before you can apply those principles correctly yourself.

    I have tried both the main server and all those Rougue servers that really give you an easy start and really help you improve nothing except you ability to sort out huge numbers. Having tried the main server at the start, I realised that those Rougue servers will not help you improve at all.

    However, the real reason for me writing this blog entry is in my title. For heaven's sake, please, Private Ryan, turn back from the sorrowful land of arrogance. Never try to wear a bigger hat than your head is. Anyway, do not EVER try to act helpful in giving advice to others where you have not even proven yourself. Right now, my score of 633,186 to Private's score of 423,532 even though I started a day later than you. Also, to add, the main server is easy to start now, so I believe you should not have that low of a score given the playing period you have.

    So, please, do not act smart if the Rougue servers has boosted your ego into humungous proportion. Prove yourself first, before trying to act arrogant.

    BTW, if you hate me now, you can come and kill me on the main server. My alias is Pixar, so come and search me out, else just heed my friendly advice which you may perceive as being offensive.

    P.S. Flint is good in exploiting sector settings loopholes. Set up a planet with SDs blocking my access to my planets. If it's not because of my team coordinator's lapse in concentration, I do not think that Flint would have got to put up his SDs there, therby causing me to lose my Razor and plunge 200k in points.

     Dec 6, 2004 - 3:38 am

    Title: Back on main...

    After an exile of about 5 mths, I m back playing on the Main, determined to prove that my 3-plyr team tourney was not reflective of my true playing style. Sry to Oakman and kool_kid for the tourney. I was killed as Big came in when i was populating my new planets. I was kicked to Sol and my internet go disrupted. When I got back on, I was in space floating arnd in a lvl 0 pioneer. With no team mates to help me make a link back to Sol, I resorted to staying on a planet. Needless to say, Big picked up my trail and went for the kill. Quite sorry to the team as I failed to live up to their expectations. Sry to 2 of them.

    Now back on the main, seems like starting up on the main server is much more easier compared to 9mths ago. I shall see if I can ever break into the top 20 like I did the last time round. Lets hope for the best...

    PS: Pixar and The Incredibles rox! 0.25 is still not out yet...

     Nov 9, 2004 - 2:00 am

    Title: Tourney update to my team...

    If u hav read Oakman's blog, maybe its a bit outdated. Here's the latest update for my team...

    Oakman's cash making planets having been captured by Vicious' vicious team. (Pardon the punt, but tt's the best way to put it). Their team took turns to capture the planets... Unlucky for me, I was sleeping on 1 of the planets. Lucky for me, my EWD worked, thereby escaping the damage to my only good ship left. Now our team is down to tatters and bits. Oakman's late start coupled with Neongreen's dis-integrity set us back at least 24 hrs. Coupled wif ppl like Big running around with Razors, all the upgrades sectors all occupied, the situation cannot be much worse. Plus my new 2.5 bil Endy was destroyed by SLIM, only gd thing was that he did not touch my planets, though he tried to send spies...

    Sigh, for the sake of the team, I shall persevere on. We only have a few small planets for us to make some money. Going into the 3rd day, hope that everything will turn out better.

    Just my two-hundredths of a dollar worth

    Shermond a.k.a. Cyclone

     Nov 7, 2004 - 6:24 am

    Title: Tourney

    Just to add that I am back from my slumber from this game... Playing in this tourney with Oakman. Dunno how it will be cos I will be sleeping when the tourney starts. Hope that my team amasses enuff credits for me to have a gd headstart...

    I will be BACK! I tested myself on the main server, so I will test myself wif another tourney.

    (This is "Encouraging the Heart", by this leadership model known as the Kouzes and Posner model)

    Sigh... Wish my and others luck!

     Sep 9, 2004 - 2:35 am

    Title: Goodbye, for the time being...

    Life has taken a toll on me in the recent times. Like Future Breed Machine, I can no longer find time to play AATrade anymore, partly due to the fact that I have to shoulder more responsibilities in school and also partly due to the fact that the long wait for the 0.25 version has waned my interest. Wait till the new version comes along, I am afraid that I may not be able to devote time everyday like I used to last time to tend my planets.

    My only good game was on the main server. It was only when I got a 800 bil bounty that I decided to quit (dun call me a coward, I also thought that why not since the game is resetting), but according to PJ, it seems like the new version can only be up in Oct. I still drop by to read the blogs now and then and of course still enjoy some of yours distinct personalities.

    I will never forget Big's exploits on the main game during June, got me a bounty , Langel's hospitality to me as a fellow Singaporean, Alf's and Vicious guidance to me on the only tourney I played, Tandra and Satman who were some of the best builders I saw (I forgot what were their real names), Tempest's exploits on DE during last reset, FBM relentless attacks on me in the former R&D server, The Donald's sacarsm and his great style of play, Rasti's political remarks, Kwae Zar's great advice on digs, Bovine, Neongreen for his great story with Max Gridswald and others who I cannot recall with my limited memory at the moment.

    With this, I wish everyone else good luck in your games. My other blog is at . It is sometimes updated, but good for anyone who wishes to take an insight to my personal life (as if who wants, rite?). I leave here with a portion of a quote from the late Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, "..., how could I forget them all?"

     Jul 13, 2004 - 4:59 am

    Title: Cyclone comes again...

    Hi, it's me again. I have not updated for a week plus already and I started to feel a bit more adrift from AATrade. While the other major players slug it out on the tourney server and DarkElves, here am I waiting for the 0.25 version of the game to come up. Wonder when can the game be up? It is already close to 2 weeks since the supposed reset and there is still no news yet from PJ. Hmm, seems like Langel's rating system has worked and now blogs are being written more fluently in perfect (or near-perfect, ahem!) English. Although some of our English are not that good, we still hope that in the mist of our interaction online, we are able to learn some of our long-lot grammar and spelling!

    I have been anticipating anxiously for the release of the 0.25 version as I have got a new strategy to test out, similar to the Macro Banking one someone got (I forgot whose it was). Anyway, I am also writing another online strategy game for my research project and be sure to give some support by testing it when it is online.

    To add somemore interest, I am currently applying with a web host to set up my own server. Oh yah, the online game would be vastly different from the normal version you have. Firstly, traders will be allowed to flourish, as the port prices will not fall. Also, there would be 2 levels of ships for the various types of people.

    Pioneer: The normal beginner ship, but will have a slighter higher overall tech limit. Also, the engines will have a minimum of level 5 so that people can limp their way back to Sol if they ever get removed from Fed space.

    Stealth: To change the usage of these types of ships from their current nickname of "pyjamas", these will be given a higher minimum in Cloaking, Sensor and ECM. Also, the maximum combat ability of the ship will be raised from level 5/10 to at least level 15-20 so that lurkers now have a greater chance to survive against other attackers. However, the downside of this is that you will have to pay more for the stealth and some commodities might have to be included in the payment. Not too sure about that though.

    Will continue in a follow-up edit.

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     Jul 4, 2004 - 10:44 pm

    Title: Hi again...

    A long time since my last entry. Many things have happened in this period. First, I self-destructed on the main server. Although some may see me as being a coward, but that was becos of the tedious task of managing 80+ planets and a 800 bil bounty on me. Since the game will have a new version soon, I chose this route and hope that others can respect my decision. Thanks.

    Just came back from Malaysia on a school field trip to Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. The limestone caves were awesome and we had to trek downstream along a stream and on the way encountering some very low stalagtites and stalagmites (pardon my spelling), but luckily I am short (about 152 cm), so the probs were not as bad. Then, we had a trip to watch fireflies and they were awesome, although a stray white cloth hanging on a tree made a lot of my batch mates think that it was a pontianak (a sorta female vampire in South-east Asian folklore with bloodshot eyes and a lot of unpleasant stuff). The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) was interesting, but the leeches stole the show. The Canopy walk was one where you have to walk on a plank bridge above the canopy level of the rainforest.

    All in all the trip was fulfilling and interesting. However, I am perplexed as why PJ have not installed the new version fo the game yet. Been waiting for it as I need to test out a new strat of managing much fewer planets, like 20~30 planets. The R&W game has been stopped and I do not miss it as ppl were trashing around aimlessly. Currently playing on DarkElves and still surviving on 1 lonely planet. Pls spare me Tempest and Kwae Zar.

    That's all for now, folks. Awaiting anxiously for The Amazing Race and The Apprentice (did I mention that Survivor is inferior to these 2 shows and the Bachelor is simply just low-class?)

    Oh yah, Greece rocks! They beat Portugal, drew with Spain, lost to Russia, beat France, Czech Republic and Portugal again with 1-0 scorelines (funny eh, but they defend VERY well)! Hail Greece and King Otto for winning the Euro 2004!


    Edit 1: Changed some spelling mistakes.
    Edit 2 and 3: Added Greece section and formatting.
    Edit 4: Changed the word "Greecce" to "Greece".
    Edit 5: Changed some more spelling mistakes.

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     Jun 19, 2004 - 5:23 am

    Title: Look at this!

    See this pict!

    This server's sectors are full of debris! 6 to be precise in this!HAHA!

     Jun 18, 2004 - 2:30 am

    Title: On Rodriegz and Winstons server

    There's this server that I found and its very nice, cos if someone juz gives you abt 9 tril to buy a maxed-out excel, you get build planets and get a fed battle cruiser within 15 mins (I did that!)

    The colonists birthrate and limit is VERY high, plus 2 debris frequently appear in the same sector in the same time, and then the pirate banks are filthily rich. Currently, I have66,157,135,085,589,970,000,000,000,000,000 credits, or lets say juz a bit higher than 66 quadrillion quadrillion or 66 million trillion trillion, and that was just after the FBM hit me with his ship and I need to get a new Fed ship. Must say THANK YOU! to him here cos he left my planets alone. Anyway, in the game it is enormously difficult to stop people from entering your sectors, cos the cloak of lvl 90 is just way higher than the max of the planet's 54. The birthrate is at 0.5 which means that you max out your pop in less than 15 mins (pop increase every 2 mins). Also, you CANNOT destroy planets, even when I tried to type in the PHP script address by hand, it is not possible. Now, I am trying to build a 3 level SG colony (10 links per sector max). So, I am gonna have fun here and pls msg me when you juz join the game cos I will pass you 9 tril that you might need. Anyway, on the main server, I am just going to let it remain idle for a week cos I gotta 730 bil bounty on my head. Maybe PJ should include a bounty warning in the attack screen on planets.

    That's all folks!

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     Jun 15, 2004 - 10:17 am

    Title: Yo! Me again!

    Hi there guys... and gals... Just back from Genting after a 3 day 2 nite holiday there wif my parents... It's a nice place cos you can really feel the clouds blowing in your face, literally! Anyway, back to AATrade life...

    Firstly, Rodge msg me to tell me that I am a a***ole blah blah... Cos I put a 20 bil bounty on his head. Sigh, I wonder who's the troublemaker in the first place, cos he put a 15 bil on mine in the first place for nothing, so I "rewarded" his curse wif another 20 bil on his head. Already had some msging me for locations of Rodge... Sigh... Pathetic!

    Secondly, I had the pleasure of reading Max's "accusation" of Tarnus using his admin powers... Personally, I feel that as long as you do not go around blasting in your fed ship, its not admin abuse... Furthermore, he is not running the server... Get a life!

    Thirdly, Primark just took one of my sectors wif 2 of my early planets... Tho they are not of high lvls, they hav a sentimental value in me... Juz got destroyed, both of them... Farewell, my planets!

    Ok, back to real life. Euro 2004 is back and its causing a stir in my country. Trust me, whenever there's a football match in the midnite, you can hear shouts and cheers in my neighbourhood whenever a goal or miss occurs. Oh yah, I dun think that NFL should be called "football", cos they also use their hands, unlike soccer, or what my countrymen call football. Anyway, I do not really support any team but just hope that all the Manchester United players do not get injured and all the Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool players just get cruciate ligament tears (Guess you know which team I support now! ) and be out for more than 3 mths!

    That's all for now, right now its my school vacation, so my Philosophy work is not active and will revive it as soon as I can. Oh yah, my team and I are planning for after the reset on the main server and watch out for us!

     Jun 7, 2004 - 8:53 pm

    Title: Logical, yet fallacious...

    This year, I have been subjected under the torture of learning Philosophy in my school. One of the topics which is interesting is logical fallacies. This mean that some statements may seem logical, but actually they are fallacious and not true.

    1st type of fallacy: Dicto Simpliciter

    This means that a statement seeks to oversimplify the situation it is attempting to describe. For example, the statement "If a razorback is good for me, then it must be good for other players also". In this statement, we can see that the statement seeks to simplify the situation as razorbacks may be good for attackers, but not good for builders.

    2nd type of fallacy: Hasty Generalization

    In this type of fallacy, the statement makes a sweeping statement without substantial evidences. For example "If Player A has a Heavy Munitions and Player B has a Heavy Munitions, then every player in AATrade has a Heavy Munitions." In this statement, we can see that the statement generalizes the situation without substantial evidences and thus it is fallacious.

    3rd type of fallacy: Ad Misericordiam

    In this kind of fallacy, the statement tries to divert the reader's attention away from the true situation and instead appeals to your sympathy, therefore the name "Misericordiam".
    For example, if you ask a starting player how is his situation, he replies "I am downtrodden, please lend me 800 billion for getting a Voyager." It seems familiar, right, indeed most new players seeks to use this kind of fallacy to rise quickly.

    That's all for fallacies. I may introduce some new ones tomorrow. Bye!

     Jun 2, 2004 - 10:38 pm

    Title: Again for today

    I dunno what to say, but our fellow players seem to be victims of some reckless driving accidents, which could have been avoided. I do not know what to say ATM, cos these accidents do not really happen frequently in Singapore, partly becos of our ever sharp-eyed traffic police. All I can offer is just some consolation to those who lost their loved ones and some pieces of warning from those that are tempted to drive illegally. Although I am only 15, I like to warn those potential illegal drivers that your inconsiderate and irresponsible acts may not only harm yourself, but also your loved ones, other parties that were involved in the accidents. There's nothing more bitter than to know that your loved ones is lost due to the irresponsibilities and the recklessness of others which may and CAN be avoided in the first place. Lastly, I just wanna say to those who are affected, live your life on, even if you do not feel like living on, live it on for the loved ones which you have lost, cos I am sure they do not want your lives to go to waste.

    ~~Colour not only others' lives, but also yours~~

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     Jun 2, 2004 - 8:07 pm

    Title: Shermond STRIKES BACK!

    I am actually a nice little peace-loving creature who just tries to build up an empire of planets and more planets. But then, recent events have forced me to change some strat.

    Firstly, Legolas and Flint took over more than 10 of my teammates' planets. It wuz juz direct bullying, but maybe due to my high score. However, it's time for ME to STRIKE BACK. Just now, I Novaed one of their sectors 3 times and cleared the SDs. Also, I got an unexpected bounty of a free torp upgrade by 1 lvl in their sector in the form of debris (134 bil saved) and 2 bil in their planets. Thx Flint and Legolas!

    Anyway, my sincere condolences to those whose family members have been involved in accidents and hope that they can recover from the setback soon. I, too knew the pain of losing one's love ones, so just go and cool down or grief for a while.

    Also, I reiterate my stand against beggars in the game. Trade or plunder if you can, dun beg. Lastly, hope that Future and Annilihation can come back soon and brighten up AATrade again and dispel the dark clouds above the game currently.

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     May 28, 2004 - 4:57 am

    Title: Letter to Panama Jack

    Hi Panama Jack. I am a fellow programmer of web games and I would like to point out some bugs here and there and put some suggestions.

    Firstly, in the 0.22 beta game, whenever I use the autotrade route, the "Return to Main menu" link and missing and hope that you can rectify that.

    Secondly, I hope that you are able to change the dignatary system, where we can actually set what we want the dignataries to do. For example, in your new case of planetary apocalypse, it usually requires huge amounts of mantainance to keep the pop at 90%. So why not add a feature that allows the user to select the what he wants the dignatary to do, instead of the random event now. To add as a precaution, we can actually sort of decrease the effectiveness of digs when the user abuses or overuses them. Yah, tt's all. Thx for reading.

     May 21, 2004 - 3:51 am

    Title: Another Blog!

    Hi there... About 2+ wks without updating my blog... Anyway, I gotta a new revival. I recruited a Singaporean into my team, expanded my empire, soared from 31st to 26th in the rankings on the main server, whacking a few planets of the players above me and they got dragged down...

    I have about 64 planets now and problems start to crop up now. Firstly, when I hit the planets, their population were quite high and the dignitaries all became birthrate reducers. This was darn bad for me as the population for 10 of my new planets plunged and have not recovered since, though I took effort to transport some colonists. Wish that the digs have better job allocation.

    Anyway, in the 3 wks of absence due to exams, I got to know another Singaporean. I am also not ashamed to mention that I examine the source code of AATrade to see formulas and also to help me in my new game. Thanks Panama Jack!

    Anyway, I am going to consolidate my empire by creating SGs around to put more banker planets. Oh yah, serve Tom right. He is now begging people to help him pay off his Fed bounty of 300+ bil, which I am terribly happy with, cos he screwed my empire during its early days. I also hope to get some of the 410 planets by The Empire that they are going to release and soar in the rankings.

    That's all folks! See you next time!

     May 3, 2004 - 3:53 pm

    Title: My Start Blog

    Hi there... this is my first blog and dunno if anyone is gonna read this...

    I am about 30+ ranking in the main server... Well, I found this game on an online game directory somewhere back in Jan 04 and got hooked ever since.

    If you ever view my efficiency rating, its terribly low. Its due to the fact that in my early days of playing, I kept trading and trading, b4 building up. Yah, tt's why. Also, I used to trade between 2 ports using the manual way for abt 2 wks b4 knowing abt the autotrade function.

    Talking about now, my team is terribly inactive. 2 good players left and 1 guy took away 30 bil and left the team rite aft tt. I felt darn cheated cos I made all my planets team cash and team planets cos I trust my own teamates, but this guy betrayed my trust. Also, I hate those who keep posting in the shoutbox about giving them like 50 or 100 bil. I despise those beggars. I still remember the days when I had to scringe for every credits I earn, b4 getting my stable income of about 30 bil a day now. Not a lot, I know, but its through my own hard work, not through begging.

    Ok, enough said. Its now 4.50 am in my country and thanks for reading my first blog.