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     Jul 22, 2005 - 10:23 pm

    Title: asdf

    great to see some old faces and some new faces... being playing in the tourney, but then when i lost the big cash planet kool_kid took efforts to build it up, i opted for the weak option and self destructed.

    on hindsight, i should have not done tt as i merely lost my stealth and still have my endy and razorback. besides, i wuz just inside the top 10. sigh...

    i no longer have the resolve to withstand failures in AAT. Is it because I am getting bored or that life has marked itself on me that I want to just see the perfect world, not the dark and ugly side of the world.

    This brings me back to my mid year common tests. I nearly gave up when I got pwnzed and owned in my best subject, which I have been the top the year before. During the stupid 2.4 km runs, when I am clocking great passing times in the first 4 laps, I just self destructed and ran 2 disastrous laps and consequently failing. Is tt someone I want to be? Is that the person I used to be?

    Maybe a break will just allow me to reflect upon the weakness I have. This is probably the biggest obstacle I have to face so far. As some wise guy said, your greatest enemy is none other than yourself.

    Taking a break till 0.30. Probably that is when I have found my true, battling self.