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December 2004


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     Dec 15, 2004 - 6:02 am

    Title: Saving Private Ryan...

    Now, as I am playing on the main server, I derived 3 conclucions:

    1. Playing on an easy server first will make you suffer on the main server.

    2. The main server is not as difficult as it used to be.

    3. Do not think that you are good and try to impose your "tactics" on others and try to teach others before you can apply those principles correctly yourself.

    I have tried both the main server and all those Rougue servers that really give you an easy start and really help you improve nothing except you ability to sort out huge numbers. Having tried the main server at the start, I realised that those Rougue servers will not help you improve at all.

    However, the real reason for me writing this blog entry is in my title. For heaven's sake, please, Private Ryan, turn back from the sorrowful land of arrogance. Never try to wear a bigger hat than your head is. Anyway, do not EVER try to act helpful in giving advice to others where you have not even proven yourself. Right now, my score of 633,186 to Private's score of 423,532 even though I started a day later than you. Also, to add, the main server is easy to start now, so I believe you should not have that low of a score given the playing period you have.

    So, please, do not act smart if the Rougue servers has boosted your ego into humungous proportion. Prove yourself first, before trying to act arrogant.

    BTW, if you hate me now, you can come and kill me on the main server. My alias is Pixar, so come and search me out, else just heed my friendly advice which you may perceive as being offensive.

    P.S. Flint is good in exploiting sector settings loopholes. Set up a planet with SDs blocking my access to my planets. If it's not because of my team coordinator's lapse in concentration, I do not think that Flint would have got to put up his SDs there, therby causing me to lose my Razor and plunge 200k in points.